Success: The unexpected journey

I open this blog with a post about success. You see all these inspirational quotes about it and see people who work hard for what they want, and seem to get it seamlessly. But what they don’t tell you is what the path to success actually looks  like. It  is not a smooth road, freshly paved with clear signs telling you where to go next; but rather a bumpy, winding dirt trail full of ruts and unexpected obstacles. The path to success is not a straight line by any means.


What I have learned at least, is you have to roll with the punches and keep a positive attitude. Is that easy? Absolutely not. There were quite a few times that I  went on an interview, thinking I had it in the bag, only to receive another rejection a week or two later. It’s not easy.  The thing that I stress the most is keeping your goal in sight. The journey may be rough, but the end result will be totally worth it.

To keep  yourself sharp, I encourage reading up on the industry or field you’re trying to get into. As a licensed School  counselor, I belong to the national and state associations which both print monthly newsletters/journals. These articles definitely kept me up to speed, but I also researched the news on  a regular basis; if there was something going on in education, I tried to be aware of it and put it to use in my interviews. The point I’m trying to make is to always try  to make yourself  a better…whatever it is you’re trying to be. It’s a lot harder when you don’t have the actual position, but it will help in the long run.

I repeat myself in saying, the path to success is not always a straight line. Everyone’s path is different,  and that’s okay; life is not meant to be a single uniformity, but rather a plethora of different opportunities that lead you to whatever goal you have set for yourself.  Trust the journey. You’ll get there.




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