Don’t be afraid to show up

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Coming off my first round of college orientations, I wanted to write something about the concept of orientations in general. Anyone who recently graduated from college will remember their freshmen orientation, I’m sure. There was tons of information being thrown your way, corny games and icebreakers; maybe you met your roommate, got your student ID, and the like. At the time, you probably thought it was boring, the activities were silly, etc. Looking back on it now, do you still feel that way? Probably not, I know I don’t. My orientation was especially silly, since we all had to wear beanies for three days. freshmen_beanie-400x327

And if you’re also a Springfield College alum, I know exactly what song pops into your head when you see this:big-red-classic-atw-model-1800_1_1

I wanted to touch on this because orientation experiences are really important, not just at the college level, but in the work place too.

At the college level, there is so much information being thrown at you, sometimes it’s hard to enjoy the experience. One thing is certain, if you are present, you will learn a lot, meet new people, get to explore the campus, and connect with the resources that are available to you at your institution. It can make the transition to college a lot easier and a little less stressful. Offices like Financial Aid and Student Accounts might have open office hours during orientation, giving you opportunities to settle all the business stuff and ask any questions you might have. Take advantage of this time. You will of course have other opportunities, but why not get your answers while the questions are fresh in your mind?

At a new job, you might not get an actual orientation. But you will have a first day. First days at a new job are always exciting, but again, it’s a lot of information to process in one day. Always, always, always ask questions. It shows you’re excited to get started, and that you’re interested in your new work. If you’re so overwhelmed with information you can’t think of things to ask in the moment, don’t worry about it. Write them down when your mind finally stops spinning and have them to ask the next day.

Take these experiences as opportunities to learn about your new surroundings. Be involved. Be present. Starting something new can be stressful, but also exciting! Don’t be afraid to ask questions, but most importantly, don’t be afraid to show up.




3 thoughts on “Don’t be afraid to show up

  1. I enjoyed your post! College life is so different. A difficult addition into the page of growing older, but not the worst. In the short time I attended I met and made friends with so many good people. To bad I was Such an adolescent that I couldn’t make it work for me. Sad to say.

    Beautiful page and beautiful words on adjusting to college. Looking forward to your next post!

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